Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Pet of the Month: Ginger

Ginger is our January Pet of the Month! Ginger is a sweet, 16 year old orange tabby.

Ginger's owners had recently lost their loving cat Jessica from kidney failure and were open to welcoming a new companion to the family. There they were...sitting quietly in their living room in Bellevue, Washington, when the doorbell rang. Their neighbors informed them that during their usual afternoon walk, a hungry golden fur-ball had followed them home. Once the door was opened, the fur-ball shot past the neighbors, ran straight to the kitchen and sat on the floor. She began yowling and whining, demanding food. There were still cans of food around so they opened one up for their little visitor. She stuck her head in the dish and began chomping. She's been like that ever since. She dances, leaps, hides and plays. She was named Ginger, after Ginger Rogers.

We are proud to honor Ginger as our January Pet of the Month!