Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday is Responsible Dog Ownership Day

The American Kennel Club has named Saturday “Responsible Dog Ownership Day” to remind all pet owners to take great care of their beloved canine companion. Whether you’re scheduling your pet for a physical exam, getting them vaccinated, or having them groomed, be sure to do something extra special for them this Saturday. They are entrusted to your care for life, so it’s your job to give them what they deserve: responsible care.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pet of the Month: Sebastion

Our Pet of the Month for September is Sebastion Carson. Sabby, as his mom and dad call him, is a very sweet, handsome and loving boy. During his sister Peanut's last days on earth, he took extra special care of her, giving her lots of kisses when she had to take her pills. He was recovering from a major surgery at the time, but was more concerned for Peanut than for himself. We are proud to honor Sebastion as our September pet of the month!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

OraStrip Diagnostic Dental Infection Testing

The OraStrip diagnostic test provides objective confirmation of disease invisible below the gumline, and provides early detection in patients with healthy-looking mouths, when irreversible disease is preventable. We tested this service with Maya, our clinic pet, who has pearly white teeth. Using OraStrip diagnostic testing, it turns out that Maya had an abscess tooth that had been broken below the surface. The teeth were not infected but with the help of OraStrip, we were able to assist Maya in getting a healthier smile!