Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pet of the Month-Beacon

Beacon is a very vocal cat, extremely nosy and requires lots of attention.  She just celebrated her Golden 21st Birthday this past May which is particularly remarkable since she lost 1/3 the function of her kidneys in 2002 and went into kidney failure.  Her pet parents give her fluids 2'xs a week, which they call her spa treatments.  Since she climbed screaming on top of her siblings at the humane society – which landed her a home – she has extremely spoiled, has a catitude, thinks she is a princess in a fur coat and that her mom and dad are her loyal staff.  Since she was a kitten, she has had her own basket with a handle and a blanket that she sleeps and travels everywhere in.  She even has a real pearl necklace with a bell and fish charm.  Congratulations Beacon & her family – our Pet of the Month

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy items for humans but certain ones can be harmful for your pets. Apple seeds, avocados, raw onions, grapes and raisins should never be to pets given as they can cause severe illness, even death. Visit and click on The Animal Poison Center, then scroll down to resources. Just a summer tip from your friends at Brandt Veterinary Clinic!