Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pet of the Month: Ellie Meyer

We are proud to honor Ellie Meyer as our March Pet of the Month! Ellie was rescued and adopted in 2010. She is a typical Beardie and still acts like a puppy but is starting to settle down. she loves to run and swim in the pool. Her best friends are Heidi, a German Shepherd and Shadow, a Golden Doodle, who live across the street so they can romp together every day. Her favorite toy is a white and black squeaky cow. When it is time to see the doctor or she has to be boarded, she is always happy to see all her friends at Brandt Veterinary Clinic!

Monday, March 19, 2012

March is Expanding Girl's Horizons in Science and Engineering Month

March is Expanding Girl's Horizons in Science and Engineering Month! The mission is to encourage young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. Brandt Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer free tours for schools and scouts of any age group! These hands-on activities for middle and high school girls helps to motivate girls to become innovative and creative thinkers ready to meet 21st Century challenges.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March is Poison Prevention Month

March is Poison Prevention Month! Did you know that some regular household substances can be poisonous to your pet? It’s important to keep an eye on the things that your pet consumes, and that includes things out in the yard! We suggest keeping your poisonous substances, such as fertilizers, pesticides, paints, and cleaning products on high shelves inside the shed or garage. And be sure to thoroughly clean any spills on the driveway or garage floor. You never know what your pet might get into!